Group Show @ Junc, LA - March 2006

Junc Gallery in LA put together a group show with Marci Washington,
Christopher Silas Neal, Kammy Nasman and Apak!

Couples Only @ Moshi Moshi, PDX - March 2006

We did 12 gouache on paper pieces for Moshi Moshi.
Couples Only group show.

Amour Shiffon Plush Show @ Madame Edgar, Montreal - March 2006

We were invited to a group plush exhibition @ Madame Edgar in Monreal. Say hello to Fungasaurus Mom and babies.

Business Minded @ Renowned Gallery, PDX - March 2006

A group show at Renowned Gallery featuring artwork on business cards. Paintings, drawings, and other medium will be featured on an assortment found business cards, creating a variety of visual communication on a very common media. Featuring artwork by Lily deSaussure, Jill Bliss, Kevin Scalzo, Deth P. Sun, Luke Ramsey, Ryan Bubnis Jacob Magraw, Bwana Spoons, Jennifer Jackman, Wilson Hsu, Ian Stevenson, Daniel Lim, Omar Lee, Victoria Keddie, Michelle Blade, Marci Washington, Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, Kelly Lynn Jones, and others.