Shroom Heads @ Compound, PDX - Dec 7th 2006

Mike Burnett was kind enough to invite us to customize a couple of his awesome wooden figures for the Neighborwood Show @ Compound Gallery here in Portland.

Print Show @ Moshi Moshi, PDX - Dec 1st 2006

We did 10 giclee prints for Moshi-Moshi. Signed and numbered in an edition of 50 each. Visit our Etsy Shop if you'd like one.

Calendorks @ Grasshut, PDX - Dec 1st 2006

This is our piece for the Calendorks show at Grasshut here in Portland!
12 months of art featuring, Snaggs, Luke Ramsey, Scrappers,
Evan Harris, Cupco, Tim Biskup, Le Merde, Bwana Spoons,
Martin Ontiveros, and Us!

Paperbag 02 @ MadamEdgar, Montreal - Dec 2006

We did 5 bags for MadamEdgar's Paperbag 02 Show in Montreal!