APAK kids

This is probably the first time to write about our personal life here... Here is the picture of our kids, Ocho and Peanut. Check out Ocho playing a piano on Youtube.
Peanut is not quite ready to play his part, but he will soon...

Commission piece for Carla

We did a hedgehog family painting for Carla in San Francisco. Thanks, Carla! Hope you enjoy it for a long time...

p.s. Thanks for many requests for commission work. We have many people waiting on our list and need to catch up now! We probably can't take any more until year 2009, but we'll let you know when we're ready for more. Thank you for your interest...

Snack Isle @ Giant Robot New York

We have 2 pieces for this awesome group show "Snack Isle" at Giant Robot NY!

Book of Dreams

We illustrated a dream by Brenda, a girl from Mexico for a book of kids dreams collected by Roger Omar. What a sweet dream it is!

A witch put a spell on me saying “You will turn into a miniature for a year, but you will get back to normal if someone falls in love with you. If during that year nobody loves you, you will stay as a miniature forever”. The next days I was a tiny miniature. I lived hard experiences: I almost got crushed or caught. I didn´t know where to sleep and a very nice ant invited me to sleep at the anthill, fed me and said to me “You are very pretty”. The ant confessed to be in love with me. I said “I am a human being that a witch turned into a miniature, and I will get back to normal when someone falls in love with me. That is the reason that I am tiny and pretty”. Then I got back to normal. When I woke up I said “I will take care of the ants”.