Worshipping the Gods!

We did a little piece for our friend Martin Ontiveros! This is his awesome character, Ojo Rojo. His show "Rock and Roll Fantasy"opens on Feb 1st @ Grasshut here in Portland. Martin is a god.

APAk Commissions

Happy New Year, everyone! We wish you healthy and peaceful 2008.
We're very excited about our upcoming shows this year. We'll have a small solo show at Outre Gallery in Australia in March. A big solo show at Giant Robot New York in May. A group show at GrassHut in Portland in August. A group show at Junc Gallery in LA in the Fall. A solo show at Schmancy in Seattle in Dec. And we'll be in small group shows here and there throughout the year, so please check our blog when you can. Oh don't forget to check out Ayumi's new Gocco greeting cards coming up this Spring at our Etsy, too!

Today we'd like share some of the commission pieces we've done in the Fall and Winter 2007. We also like to thank our fabulous fans who gave us the opportunity to create those fun pieces!

This is our first tattoo design for Diana in LA. The two owls represent her and her twin sister.
Can't wait to see the actual tattoo on you, Diana!

This piece was created to match with "Sanctuary" piece which Caroline purchased from our show at GRSF in April 2007. The flute player represent herself as a musician. Thanks Caroline for lending both paintings for GR50th exhibit at Japanese-American Museum.

This piece was commissioned by Marion in Ireland. She loves Happy Hermits and cupcakes! Hope it makes Marion smile and give her good energy every time she looks at it.

This piece was commissioned by Celena in LA and has a very personal touch of her Maltese, Suni who recently passed away. Hope this painting reminds Celena that Suni is in her favorite cupcake land every time she looks at the painting.

This painting was commissioned by Cheryl in Canada. We misread her request and created a painting with Future People instead of Happy Hermits... but she is kind enough that she decided to keep it. Thank you for being so supportive, Cheryl!