Ayumi's Show @ Grasshut! Opens Aug. 3rd 2007

I made 20 new paintings for my own solo show!
Opens August 3rd 2007, 6-9pm (runs all month)

Grass Hut Gallery
811 e. Burnside
Portland, Oregon
(503) 445-9924

Statement: The one thing I try not to forget before doing the laundry is checking my husband Aaron's pockets. All his pockets are always filled with many little things... all types of twigs, rocks, plants, old screws, nuts, balls of fuzz, receipts, post-it notes, coins, dirt, broken piece of plastic, small metal parts, candy wrappers, toys, stickers, business cards, flyers...etc. In contrast, my pockets are usually empty and I feel sort of envious of his collection. But I do have a secret pocket that I keep non-objects, my imagination. I hide the secret pocket around my belly to keep it quite safe. This is where my soul curls up and takes a nap to dream. In this show you get a chance to peak at the world of my secret pocket. I hope you enjoy it!

Aaron's Show @ Moshi-Moshi Opens Aug. 3 2007

I did a series of gouache paintings on paper based on a little zine I did called Imagination Machine...

Imagination machines are funny little gizmos that pop in and out of our tangible world. They're our allies, able to help us, guide us, and surprise us. They are a link to the metaphysical world with the power to direct energy which flows like a stream just beneath the surface of our perception like the current of the universe.

Opens August 3rd, 6-9pm (runs all month)

Japanese toys, cute stuff, apparel & art gallery
503 233-3993
811 E. Burnside
Portland, OR
Open Wednesday - Sunday, Noon to 7pm

The New Birds! @ Grasshut, PDX - July 6th 2007

We did a birdhouse with Happy Hermits for Grasshut's new show "The New Birds"
Bird themed art by over 30 artists to benefit Portland's Audubon Society. Pictures by Scrappers!

Tree Show 3 @ Giant Robot, SF - July 14th 2007

Tree Show III at GRSF, July 14 - August 8
Reception: Saturday, July 14, 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Giant Robot in San Francisco was kind enough to invite us to their third annual Tree Show! Tree inspired art by over 40 artists to benefit San Francisco's Friends of the Urban Forest.

Summer Sanctuary @ Gallery Hanahou, NY - July 19th 2007

We were invited to Gallery Hanahou's group show Summer Sanctuary in New York with Chris Long, IMAKETHINGS, Lotie, Marcus Oakley, Team Macho, and Yuka Katagiri. Escape the city heat to a collection of unusual oases, where mosquitoes are unknown and artists are your tour guides...

You can purchase paintings and prints at Gallery Hanahou's shop. Thank you!