Four Squared @ Motel, PDX - Dec 2005

Motel Gallery invited us to a large group show of small works. In Four Squared, each artist contributes 4 custom works on paper, 4 x 4 inches in size.

APAK (PDX), Tauba Auerbach (SF), Amanda Barr (Raleigh, NC), Katherine Bovee (PDX), Jill Bliss (LA), Deanne Cheuk (NYC), Jen Corace (Providence, RI), Chris Duncan (SF), Evah Fan (SF), Susie Ghahremani (San Diego), Harrison Haynes (Raleigh, NC), Lump Lipshitz (Raleigh, NC), Justin "Scrappers" Morrison (PDX), Jacob Magraw-Mickelson (LA), Nikki McClure (Olympia, WA), Ryan Mrozowski (Brooklyn, NY), Amy Ross (Boston, MA), Ryan Jacob Smith (PDX), Deth P. Sun (LA), Marci Washington (LA), Florencio Zavala (LA)


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