"Balls Out!" Group show @ GrassHut March 7th

We are participating in "Balls Out!" a super group show at Grass Hut in Portland, Oregon! We did an Acrylic and gouache painting on 18"x18" wood panel. Here is the sneak preview of the partial painting... 60+ amazing artists are participating this show. It opens on March 7th and will be up for the whole month. The work is available for online purchase after the opening reception. If you're planning to be in Portland, be sure to stop by Grass Hut's new spacious store (same building just the next door)! Their new site, which Aaron helped design is up and running now!


pumml said...

This turned out fantastic, guys! Are you planning to make a print of this one by chance? And where's the top of it in this picture? :) It was so nice to meet you both at the show, btw. I was a fan before and now my wife is too. Anyway, please keep in touch!


Apak said...

Thanks Drake! It was really nice to meet you both. We can't make a print out of this painting because the size of it is too big to be reproduced with our scanner... anyway looking forward to seeing you around!
Take care, apak